Adelgaard farm – Fulfilling the call to improve the breed 

Vagn Lindy Petersen´s farm Adelgaard Jerseys is renowned as a reference farm for progressive genetics for the Jersey cattle breeding. Nationally ranked as number two for whole herd classification average and number one for First Calf Heifer classification. 
This farm is located in Skjern, Denmark, and has a special role as a progressive breeding herd with many of the most interesting bulls sold to the VikingJersey breeding programme. Full of pride, Petersen reports that VikingGenetics has bought 60 bulls that were born on his farm since 2002. No other breeder is close to this figure. And the reason is simple: VikingGenetics does not want to lose the opportunity to increase the genetic level of the VikingJersey. Currently there are between 10 to 15 contracts for flushing some of his best heifers to be the future dams of the leading VikingJersey sires. 

“We consider it is important to rely on the genetic level we find at Adelgaard, and we are happy to continue working with them,” says Peter Larson, Senior Breeding Manager for VikingJersey. 
Adelgaard is also in a leading position at international level. They are renowned globally as one of the best breeders for the Jersey population. “We have large sales of livestock abroad and we are happy to fulfil the goals of many farmers to improve their herds,” says Petersen.  They have exported animals to England, Germany, Belgium, India, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Chile, Senegal and recently to India, for example.  

Passionate family

Petersen has four children, and all of them are passionate about the Jersey breed and are involved in agriculture in one way or another. However, it is his son, Christian, who has completed his studies in Agricultural and Business, who is now in charge of the genetic selection of the herd. He’s responsible for selecting meaningful traits to continue improving their breeding. 
“We use genomic tests on all our heifers, we go for high NTM (Nordic Total Merit), and we want the animals to look attractive too as we like to show some of them at dairy shows,” says Christian.  

The commercial side of the herd is outstanding. The average production per cow is 10,866 Kg ECM with 6.27% fat and 4.26% protein. Good female fertility, high components and long-lasting cows are the traits that the Petersen family select for at Adelgaard. 

“We have been very clear in setting these goals for many years, we choose what we want to have in a Jersey cow, and we have worked hard for what we have now. Denmark is a world leader when it comes to the Jersey breed,” Petersen says. 

Trademarks of Adelgaard Jerseys herd

Vagn Lindy Peterson was appointed a Master Breeder in 2016. VJ Adelgaard Hihl Hiwe is one of the results of the constant focus and success the herd has achieved. VJ Hiwe is one of the best ever bulls thanks to this formula. Many other bulls from Adelgaard have also played a major role in the VikingJersey breeding programme, such as DJ Bindy, DJ Imdix, VJ Magnum, VJ Hickey, VJ Hjern, VJ Jern, VJ Hilton and VJ Samson. 

The Adelgaard Jersey herd has used Embryo Transfer (ET) for many years, exporting embryos to many countries, and several donors have more than 25 offspring in the herd. 

The Adelgaard Jersey herd is also renowned for high lifetime production. Five cows in the herd have celebrated more than 10,000 kg fat and protein lifetime production.

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