A healthy cow, with good functionality that produces at its maximum of milk - the invisible cow. 

In addition, a healthy cow does not need much attention from the owners and makes life easier for the farmer.

Health traits have been an integrated part of VikingGenetics’ breeding efforts since the late 80’s and it is the trademark of VikingGenetics’ breeding program. The milk recording system in the Nordic countries is highly developed and 90% of the cows participate in the registration of health traits. This is official data and gives
you as a farmer highly reliable breeding values.

To reach this goal, our NTM Index (Nordic Total Merit) is our tool. The NTM Index consists of 60 sub-indices, combined into 14 main traits, all with an economic impact of the dairy business. NTM means strong focus on health traits, without compromising on production and functionality. Read more about the unique health traits of the NTM index under Our uniqueness.
More information about the NTM on NAV website.