Our commitment- A SUSTAINABLe breeding goal

VikingGenetics is fully committed to a sustainable breeding goal. Through our everyday efforts,
we believe that we contribute to making daily life better for the dairy farmer. For us, sustainability
works in many levels;  better profit, better life, caring for animal welfare, a breeding goal with
health and production in balance. That is what sustainability means to us. 

Below you can read how we understand and integrate sustainability in our business


In VikingGenetics we want to be on the edge when it comes to new technology and new innovations. We follow the trends and aim for a sustainable breeding goal where we contribute with what we can for a sustainable environment.

100% genomic sires
We were early to go all in and using 100% genomic sires in our breeding program, and we know today that it was the right decision.

Sexed semen, 10 years
In March 2017, sexed semen lab in Assentoft Denmark celebrated 10 years anniversary. 

Donor station in our facilities

The genomic test of females makes it important to use the best females for embryo transfer. Therefore, we have donor stations in all three countries where we can collect embryos of the top ranked females in our population.

is a breeding value for a feed efficiency index