fertility first

The future of your herd begins with the fertility of your cows. With Fertility First advice service you can achieve $134 extra value per cow. 

• Achieve higher 6-week in-calf rate from AI
• Get more cows pregnant early in the season by AI bulls
• Work with the females that you know will get pregnant


Fertility in Australian dairy herds has been declining over the last ten years. VikingGenetics has initiated the “Fertility First” project to help dairymen in Australia tackle this challenge. The answer is a tailor-made solution of health check-ups and recommendations for the insemination plan. Inspired by a strategy adopted by the breeding advisors in the Scandinavian countries, VikingGenetics approach has also proven to be a big success in Australia.

Fertility First service is a service to make pre-checks on heifers and cows to estimate their condition for insemination. Fertility First specialist will do a check-up on your cows and give you recommendations for the AI insemination. This way you ensure you inseminate your most fertile females and don't waste time with cows with low fertility issues. 

Angela Wilson, Fertility First Specialist
Mob: 0437 492 888

“By two-step pre-check before insemination you can increase the 6 week in-calf rate with +21% to 66%. Proactive fertility service approach is 6 times more effective compared to traditional approach, which has only
shown 5% increase compared to last year. This is such an amazing result!”
Angela Wilson, Fertility First Specialist


• The check on the Problem Cows followed by recommended treatment can enhance 6 week in-calf rate to AI dramatically: increase with 21% to 66%.
• The daughters of Holstein AI-bulls would be $200 more profitable per cow and year than daughters of herd bulls.
• Avoid spending time and money on 10% of cows that are unlikely to get in-calf and save around $2,000 (herd with 300 cows)
• IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE – Less trouble, better control!

What is the total extra value of having 21% more pregnancies? 

For a herd of 300 cows

 21% more cows pregnant within the six week period $22,800 
Savings on AI, drugs etc. for not inseminating unsuitable cows   $8,100
  Extra value of more AI heifer calves $6,300
  Total extra value $40,200

For further information please contact:

Angela Wilson, Fertility First Specialist
Mob: 0437 492 888