20,000 cattle breeders in Denmark, Sweden and Finland are our foundation

The owners of VikingGenetics – the cattle breeders in Sweden, Denmark and Finland – play an important role in the definition of the breeding goal in cooperation with the breeding management and researchers. VikingDanmark, Växa Sverige and Faba in Finland, meaning that app. 20,000 farmers are members, and own VikingGenetics.  The secret behind the Nordic farmers’ success is their willingness to register all traits including health, and they have been doing it since the 80's.  No other country in the world has the same tradition as we have and therefore the Nordic health profile is unique.
VikingGenetics was established when the two Nordic cooperatively owned AI-companies, Svensk Avel and Dansire merged in 2008, and in 2010 the Finnish cooperative Faba joined. Before that, each country had worked on their own, but with the same goal - a productive and healthy cow. The reason for merging was to get a more efficient breeding programme with more cows and to share costs for research and sales organisation. The commitment to registration of diseases and breeding for a balance between production and health was very similar in the three Nordic countries, which made the merger possible. VikingGenetics has been build on decades of expertise in cattle breeding by its founding partners. 

Our strong cooperative values in combination with a commercial mindset, make us prepared for the future where we strongly believe that health traits will play an even more important role together with a sustainable breeding goal. VikingGenetics produces high quality genetics, with a balance between milk production and health traits, to make life easier for dairy farmers around the world. Sustainability is our focus both from a dairyman's point of view as well as for the environment. Research and development is an important part of our culture to always strive going forward.