The Veldhuis family at Veldhuis Dairy in Yakima County, Washington State, in US, is firmly convinced they took the right steps in choosing VikingGenetics as their partner to improve the family dairy business where they currently milk 16,000 Jersey cows and Jersey crosses. 
Frank Silva (left) is supplying the VJ semen and does all AI work for Jake and Hessel Veldhuis
Since May, the Veldhuis Dairy in Washington State, USA, has used VikingJersey semen for their heifers. The owner of the farm, Jake Veldhuis already sees the advantages of the VikingJersey genetics they use. 
“It has been a good start for us, and what matters for me now is high pregnancy rates”, Veldhuis says, while showing the papers where he records the conception rates of his heifers. “Your bulls have a higher conception rate than the other bulls I have used”, he added.
With 16,000 cows you need practical solutions like this for the calves at Veldhuis dairy farm
The owners of the farm started to use VikingGenetics because they were looking for high components in the milk. Hessel, the son of Jake, was in Denmark last summer on herd visits and was convinced how to continue to improve his herd. “We started to use VikingJersey bulls because we liked the phenomenal components they have”, Hessel says. The herd is averaging 7.7% butterfat and 3.8% protein. 

The 16,000 cows at the Veldhuis family are placed in five different facilities. There are 200 employees and the cows are milked in groups of 400, three times a day. 
Peter Larson, breeding manager for VikingJersey visited the Veldhuis farm in the beginning of December 2017, and noticed that this family has good potential to improve its income by using semen from VikingJersey. “In an area that pays very high prices for butterfat and protein, and even higher for fat than protein, it makes very good sense to use our genetics”, Peter Larson, states. “They are very professional in their business and have a clear goal”, he states. 
“The current production results in the big herd are very good”, Peter Larson says.  In average they have 64 pounds of milk a day, Somatic Cell Count (SCC) of 152,000, age at first calving 21 months and a calving interval of 366 days. 

The 16,000 cows at the Veldhuis family are placed in five different facilities. There are 200 employees and the cows are milked in groups of 400, three times a day. 
Some of the bulls that Peter recommends to use in this intensive system are: VJ Quintana (International top bull and Sire of sons), VJ Huzar (Best Daughter proven VJ bull), VH Huus (Best VJ Huzar son) among others. 

Increasing quality and numbers

The pioneer in this family dairy business is Jake Veldhuis. As an immigrant from the Netherlands, he arrived in the United States in 1981, and by 1987, he had his first dairy farm. He started with 450 Holstein cows in 2000 and then switched to pure Jerseys from 2006. 

Over the last 10 years, the herd has grown from approx. 2,000 cows to 16,000 today. Now the goal is to reach 100% Jersey, by using VikingJersey genetics. 

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