What is GoldenCross®

GoldenCross is a three-breed rotational crossbreeding system combining VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. It is an effective crossbreeding concept that is suitable for all systems, especially pasture-based production.

For dairy farms adopting grazing system or systems with seasonal calvings, fertility is a key factor for success. Moreover, many farmers would like to achieve a high level of production but, at the same time, have fewer problems with their cows. GoldenCross can offer a solution to these issues.
Many Australian dairy farmers have seen the benefit of the two-way cross. In this system generally Holstein and Jersey breeds are used, and the first generation of the two-way cross cows offer improvements, but farmers find that the benefits level out going into generation 2 and 3. Therefore, they are looking for the next solution to continue increasing their herd profitability. VikingGenetics has created the GoldenCross® crossbreeding program to further boost the benefits of crossbreeding. GoldenCross is a three-way crossbreeding system using VikingHolstein, VikingJersey and VikingRed.

One of the great benefits of crossbreeding is heterosis. Heterosis is the increase of favourable characteristics of a hybrid organism over those characteristics of its parents, when two unrelated breeds are crossed. Research has found that heterosis has the greatest improvement in traits like Vitality, Fertility, Health and Survival. There can also be a small increase in production. The effects of heterosis are the opposite of inbreeding depression. Read more about heterosis here

VikingGenetics has been rigorously testing and breeding for improved health traits in our bulls for 40 years. Data shows that Sweden, Finland and Denmark, where VikingGenetics bulls are used almost exclusively, have the lowest use of antibiotics in the world. At the same time, they also have the highest milk production in the EU. Therefore, by using VikingGenetics bulls in your crossbreeding program you can be confident that your herd will not only be healthy, but will produce, and will produce well. In addition to the achieved heterosis, each breed brings something different to the cross. 

VikingHolstein - Production
VikingRed - Health
VikingJersey - Solids 

Get to know the three breeds! 

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